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BG | SBLC Monetization

We are experts in the Monetization of Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and other Financial Instruments. We have direct relationships with proven Issuers and Monetizers who offer a complete range of Non Recourse and Recourse programs. Monetization typically takes 10 days and returns are between 50% and 90% Non Recourse (depending on the BG and SBLC Type)

BGs and SBLCs can be Monetized for:

Placed into Trade Programs (PPP Private Placement Programs)
or a Hybrid of Immediate Cash and funds in a Trade Program.

BG and SBLCs that can be Monetized include:

Top 25 Bank BG and SBLC
Rated and Unrated banks
Instruments with a Value OVER 5 Million Dollars
BG & SBLC MUST have at least 10 months prior to expiry.

Through existing credit relationships, we are able to accommodate bank obligations such as Guarantees and Standby L/C’s for credit line and monetisation facilities. Offering up to 90% of security value, with interest charges due yearly, we can offer credit allowing facilities up to 96 months.
Fast completion process and interest rates from 3.00% per 12 month period.

Bank Instruments such as Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees are frequently used but seldom properly understood.
Whilst these instruments are utilised in conventional trading on a day to day basis, they can also be employed in complex financial structures designed to maximise financial positions and bespoke to each individual requirement.
We have a Global network that specializes in Monetization of almost any type of Bank or Financial Instrument worldwide from $10m to $1 Billion Dollars.

NOTE: Qualifying Instruments

The instrument needs to be a Cashed Backed Bank Instrument, such as a BG or SBLC.
The Bank needs to be a World Top 25 Bank with a “A Bank-Rating” or better.
The instrument must be transferable and will need to be transferred to the lender via MT799 or MT760.

Monetize Bank Instruments – SBLC Monetization/BG Monetization

In order to monetize a SBLC (SBLC Monetization) you must be in possession of the instrument and it must be paid for prior to monetizing (OBTAIN a Bank Confirmation from issuer saying they are RWA to issue to Lender for monetization).

– Use Bank Instruments as Loan Security
– Finance Trade Facilities
– Offset Tax and Debt Liabilities
– Free-up Locked (or blocked) Funds
– Create Fixed Returns
– Verification & Due Diligence Services

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