Financial Market Trading

Financial Market Investments

We Buy or Sell hundreds of CFD assets including major, minor and exotic forex pairs, metals, energies, indices, cryptocurrencies and shares of the world’s biggest companies. We trade at some of the tightest spreads available, and enjoy ultra-low trading costs, advanced execution, exclusive analysis tools and world-class market research by our professional traders and market analysts. We access 250+ underlying instruments from our 5 asset classes at some of the most competitive conditions.

Throughout its history, Digital-arbitrage Limited has completed numerous direct investments across different sectors and geographies. In 2017, Direct Investments was officially launched as the primary platform for Digital-arbitrage Investment Limited’s long term principal investing activity and as part of the firm’s strategic refocus on becoming the preferred investment partner in Asia. Digital-arbitrage Limited provides medium-to long-term debt financing through loans and guaranties to eligible investments in many countries and emerging markets. By complementing the private sector, Digital-arbitrage Limited can provide financing in countries where conventional financial institutions often are reluctant or unable to lend. Our Debt financing package for startups can take a variety of forms and, depending on the form and source of financing, may co-exist with equity investment in your business. Debt can be used to benefit all shareholders, including founders and investors, to fund the growth of the business without further diluting the ownership position of the existing shareholders.

Most early-stage startups cannot borrow from traditional sources, such as banks and financial institutions, because they do not have a track record of cash flow or liquid assets to make required loan and interest payments. Banks and other lending institutions will not secure a debt based solely on a company’s intellectual property (IP), which is a real challenge for early-stage technology companies. Digital-arbitrage Limited can meet the long-term capital investment financing needs of any size business in a wide variety of industries such as information technology, health care, Oil & Gas, Education, infrastructure, telecommunications, financial services, housing, and agro business. The majority of Digital-arbitrage Limited’s financing is used to cover the capital cost – such as design/engineering services, facility construction or leasehold improvements, and equipment – associated with the establishment or expansion of the project.

For owners wishing to maintain 100% control of their business, yet needing capital to fund growth requirements or pursue acquisitions, debt financing is a preferred option. We assist such clients by matching the financing needs of our clients to those of debt capital sources, and preparing our clients to fully meet lender’s exacting requirements. Many of our clients are frustrated with less than ideal service from their local bank. Whatever level of financing you need to help pursue your financial goals, you’ll find it at Digital-arbitrage Limited. We deliver an extensive array of financial services to empower your business plan.

We take pride in our work and organization, act with integrity at all times, comply with company policies and standards, honour the confidentiality of clients and employees, and promote the positive image of the organization through all our actions.