Risk Management

Benefits to Risk Managers


With Digital-arbitrage Investment, you have access to a thorough and timely understanding of risk. Digital-arbitrage’s industry-leading risk models and multi-asset class analytics cover a broad universe of investment instruments – from fixed income and equities to real estate and hedge funds. Digital-arbitrage offers you not only a comprehensive view of your positions and risks but also helps you to zero in on exposures across every single portfolio and team. And because of Digital-arbitrage’s global footprint and strong support across asset classes, Digital-arbitrage can support modeling for large and complex portfolios.

The Digital-arbitrage team is responsible for running risk analyses on client portfolios and performing extensive quality control, so you can focus on the important work of analyzing and interpreting results.

Digital-arbitrage can help you:

  • Leverage Digital-arbitrage’s “one system, one database, one process” model and the comprehensive quality control services provided by the Digital-arbitrage team to help gain enhanced control and the reassurance that everyone is looking at the same high quality data in real time.
  • Feel confident in the robustness of your analytics, as Digital-arbitrage monitors 2,000+ risk factors each day – from interest rates to currencies – and performs 5,000 portfolio stress tests and 180 million option-adjusted calculations each week.
  • Access hundreds of risk and exposures metrics to create customizable reports and graphics based on your specific needs and preferences.
  • Rapidly test thousands of potential scenarios every day – answering questions like, “How will inflation affect me?”, “What impact will a change in oil or gas prices have?”, or “What happens if there’s a recession in Europe?” – that help you anticipate, interpret and respond as changes – big and small – happen across the world.
  • Access Digital-arbitrage’s comprehensive suite of sophisticated models, built over the past 20 years by a dedicated financial modeling team.