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Complicated financial structures and tax efficient corporate re-structure is not for everyone. Sometimes all we need is a simple business loan without the hassle, head-ache and high interest rates often associated with high street and main-stream bank loans and overdrafts.

Aside from being expert at creating dynamic and efficient financial facilities and bespoke corporate financing, we are also expert at providing facilities for straight-forward, simple business loans.

From time to time it is necessary for any business to locate and secure additional capital from outside their usual network such as their bankers and shareholders. There are a myriad of reasons why businesses need to attract immediate and simple business loans without the thrills and spills of complex high-finance.

The majority of these reasons relate to growing the business in some way. Other reasons may be for fixing temporary cash-flow problems or pulling the business through a full patch.

Loans may be granted as secured debt, utilising existing assets (or values held within the assets) as security.
Loans may be secured over stocks and share holdings of the business.
Additional Funds may be injected for a fixed term as Equity with Equity Buy-Out Arrangements being made in advance.
Funds can be raised through the offering of secured debentures.
Each facility we structure is of course bespoke to our Clients’ specific requirements. Loans from $1 million upward with maximums dependant on business turnover.

Repayments and Repayment vehicles can also be structured and are also bespoke to the requirements.

If the business is not currently structured to offer conventional security, through various strategies and enhancement facilities, it is also possible to import additional collateral allowing the business to increase its secured borrowings over a term of up to 10 years.

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